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Touring caravan WIFI

Touring Caravan Broadband Internet

Touring caravan WIFI is now available at speeds rivalling that of your home broadband. read on to find out everything you need to know to get connected.

Touring caravan 4G antenna
Touring caravan 4G antenna

If you own a touring caravan you will enjoy the sense of freedom you get from being able to enjoy a holiday wherever you like, whenever you like. Theres always been a few sacrifices along the way and one of those sacrifices has recently been our connection to the world via the world wide web.

Unfortunately Touring caravans aren’t connected to any phone lines and even if camps provide wifi, they tend to be very slow and extremely expensive.

So how do you get WIFI in your touring caravan?

Well actually recent advances in cellular technology now mean that wireless internet is available at speeds rivaling that of the fastest phone lines. 4G technology is a service that provides internet speeds more than capable of streaming your tv service such as Netflix and will even cope with online gaming.

What do you need for touring caravan internet?

to receive touring caravan internet you need 2 things.

1: You need a 4G router

Touring caravan broadband kit plug and play
Touring caravan broadband kit plug and play

If you are worried about picking the right router, don’t worry, has a great router available. this package includes additional antennas required to improve data signal in less populated areas. simply click the image above or here

For a touring caravan router you need to ensure it has its own battery pack. these are generally called portable WiFi hotspots. The router needs to be 4G compatible. 4G utilizes cellular technology, as used on your mobile phone.

we recomend for caravan usage that you look for a router with the ability to attach external antennas. In general terms, Touring caravan pitches tend to be in less populated areas. these area tend to have weaker 4G signals. As a result your standard 4G wifi hotspot might need a little helping hand from some high gain antennas to ensure you receive a strong and consistent signal.

2 : You need a service provider

Service providers are the same service providers who allow you to make phone calls and surf the internet on your phone. The big players in the UK include Vodafone, EE, BT, Sky, O2 and Three.

When searching for the best service provider there’s two things to take into account.

Firstly, You want a service provider that covers as much of the UK as possible. This is pretty simple these days as all the big service providers have been relentless in providing service across the UK. remember that you may require additional antennas on your router to ensure signal on less populated areas.

Secondly, you want the best deal for data only. At this point you can either go the “Pay as you go” route or “Pay monthly”.

There are some great deals available on both data options. Pay monthly can be a lot cheaper and theres now monthly subscriptions with no contract so you can back out at any time you like. would recommend an unlimited data package as this takes all the stress away of worrying if you have enough data to cover your needs, plus these days they are extremely competitive on price. Expect to pay approximately £20-£25 a month.

So you’ve chosen your caravan WIFI data supplier what’s next?

Once you have ordered your data plan you will receive a sim card, exactly the same as the type you place in your phone. Simply place the sim card in your router and follow the instructions provided.

Still unsure about Touring caravan WIFI?

If you’re finding this all just a little bit too complicated, has a package available for you. We do all the techy part for you. You just turn it on and your ready to go. click the image below for more detail

Touring Caravan WIFI Kit with antenna
Touring Caravan WIFI Kit with antenna
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Caravan Broadband Internet Guide

Caravan Broadband Internet Guide help

Caravan broadband Internet has become ever more vital to ensure you can stay connected and complete every day tasks when staying in your caravan, Motorhome or Camper. The good news is it’s never been easier to get connected. Find out how here.

Its simple to get connected, you need just two things. A 4G router and a data subscription.

The easy way to get broadband internet for your caravan

PLUG AND PLAY KIT: Before you read on. We understand that people have different levels of Tech ability. With this in mind if the below information gets a little bit too much to take in, then don’t worry. has put together some plug and play solutions for you.

Simply select either the static caravan or Touring caravan broadband solutions below. We set everything up for you. you simply receive the item in the post, Press the power button and you’re up and running. The data plan is pre-loaded with £15 of credit and we provide you a simple step by step guide of how to top up your credit further.

We also provide a simple guide of how to connect your smart devices to the Broadband router & if that’s not enough we’re always happy to help you further. Just use our contact form to ask for help if you get stuck.

We have also just released our latest package for caravan owners in areas with a weak phone signal. For more information click here

Caravan Broadband Internet kit PLUG AND PLAY
Caravan WIFI Plug and Play

If You’d still like to go it alone, then read on we have all the information you need to set your caravan up with broadband internet. We also have further guides and information in our Caravan & Camper WIFI Guides Page

4G Routers for caravans

Mobile broadband routers are routers that utilize networks usually adopted by your smart phone.

Mobile internet connectivity that is available to caravans has taken huge leaps in recent years. 3G, 4G, and now 5G connectivity offer off the grid internet speeds comparable to that of your telephone line at home. They offer speeds that are more than adequate to stream all the latest box sets and movies via your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube & Google streaming services. With technologies such as smart speakers reliant upon having a WiFi broadband router available to them, Mobile broadband routers have become vital to sustain a modern way of life in your caravan when off the grid

Choosing the right Caravan Broadband Router

So lets keep things simple. There’s only a few things you need to consider when purchasing a caravan broadband internet 4G router.

Firstly do you have mains 240v power available? If the answer is no then don’t worry there’s still an option available to you. WIFI Hot Spot Routers exist that utilize batteries much like your smart phone. These are perfect for camper vans, camping and off grid touring caravans. They are available in 3G and 4G format. If unsure what this means its simple 4G offers faster connectivity than 3G. There’s a lot of choice but be careful not to just choose the cheapest as the higher end models tend to offer increased reliability and connectivity for more devices.

If you are lucky enough to have 240v/Mains power available then all of the above applies except you have larger selection of broadband routers available to you. These routers are known as 4G or LTE routers. Look for a minimum of a CAT4 Router to ensure you achieve good broadband speeds. You can find the Cat number included in the title or the product or description. Also look for routers with removable 4G antennas. This will allow you to replace with an external antenna if required or desired.

To learn more about Touring caravan routers click here

Caravan Broadband Internet router

If you’re looking to buy a static caravan 4G router, we have an ideal model available right here. it has all the specifications you need for static caravan and holiday home usage. Our kit Includes duel high gain antennas, 300Mbps speeds and is unlocked to any network. Click here to find out more

External antenna for poor signal areas

Caravan 4G antenna setup
Caravan 4G antenna setup

Installing an external antenna and connecting it to your compatible 4G router can greatly increase your signal strength in poor signal areas.

A good quality 4G external antenna will also boost signal speeds and reliability in even strong signal areas , making it a sound investment for all Caravan owners

Your Caravan’s or Motorhome’s construction does not lend itself well to caravan broadband internet 4G signals passing through it. Couple this with interference from surrounding electronics, buildings and vegetation and you can decrease signal strength significantly.

The 4G external antenna clears the signal blockers, gives better line of sight to the transmitting mast and filters out interference. offer Caravan Broadband internet kits including high quality external antennas take a look by clicking the below.

Static Caravan broadband internet Kit & Antenna
Static Caravan 4G kit with antenna

Its important to choose the correct antenna for your requirement for more information on Caravan WIFI click here

A basic rule is to avoid cheap Chinese 4G antennas. We have inspected many of these to find they are simply printed circuit boards with some copper strip applied. These offer very little in the way of signal gain. In fact by the time the cable has stretched to the router you will have lost more signal than you started with.

You should look to pay between £100 and £200 for a good quality external antenna. This seems expensive but is well worth the investment to ensure a reliable and fast internet connection.

Broadband data plans for your caravan

As with your internet at home you will require a service provider in order to achieve caravan broadband internet. In this case the service providers are the same used for your Smart Phone. Major suppliers being EE, 3, Vodafone, o2 etc…

You have two options when choosing a service provider. you can go down the “Pay As You Go” route which allows you to top up your credit as you use it, or you can take the monthly subscription/contract route, which you pay an agreed amount dependant on the amount of data you would like to use per month.

Don’t be put off by this. We would suggest that you start with the “Pay As You Go” route as this will allow you to build a sense of how much data you use on average. This will mean if you decide to go down the subscription/contract route in the future you will know exactly which plan you require.

caravan internet service provider

We would recommend giffgaff as a service provider for your caravan broadband internet . they offer contract level deals on a pay as you go basis. for example you can pay £25 for unlimited data for 1 month. meaning you can stream movies, play games and surf the internet without a worry in the world.

Better still the sim cards are completely free, next day delivery and if you click the link below you will receive an additional £5 credit when you top up . order one here at GiffGaffs website.