WiFi for static caravans

A simple guide to WIFI for static caravans

If you are here and you looking for WIFI for static caravans then we will assume you don’t have access to a landline or you are choosing not to use it.

With the above in mind there are two main options available.

The first option is to utilize what is know as 4g connectivity

The Second option is caravan site WiFi.

On this page page we will discuss 4G WiFi for static caravans as we have found numerous issues with Caravan park WiFi services which in many cases cannot be overcome.

4G WIFI for static caravans

4g WiFi for static caravan utilizes the same technology as that used by your mobile phone. This being wireless technology that sends and receives data to the nearest phone mast.

The benefits of this technology have become ever more prominent in the UK in recent years. With 4g connectivity becoming more widespread across the country it has become possible to receive a signal almost anywhere in the UK.

As you will have no doubt experienced, sometimes it can be difficult to receive a strong enough signal on your mobile phone to allow the sort of internet browsing or streaming experience you would want in your static caravan.

The 4g routers that Caravan-Things.com recommends for WiFi in your static caravans differ from that of your mobile phone in that they have far larger antennas and they are designed purposely to provide sustained connections. This means that the 4G Broadband routers we recommend to provide WiFi for your static caravans are far more likely to receive a strong and reliable signal than that of your mobile phone. Further to this powerful and affordable external antenna kits are available which improve service quality.

Caravan-Things.com provides a Plug and play Static caravan WiFi solution. for more information click here

WIFI For static caravans plug and play
Static Caravan WIFI Plug and Play

4G WiFi for Static caravans in poor signal areas

If the area your static caravan is located in has a particularly weak phone signal or you would like increased speed and reliability above and beyond that of just a 4G caravan internet WiFi router there is the option to install an externa antenna kit.

The external antennas increase the likelihood of receiving a strong signal from your service provider and also have the added benefit of increasing speeds as bi product.

External antennas provide clearer line of site to the service providers masts, negate some of the interference caused by the router being placed inside the caravan and have a much larger and more power antennas than that of the router alone.

Not all 4G routers are compatible with external antennas and there are many different types of antenna and multiple connection types. Be sure to check compatibility of both the antenna and the router

Caravans-Things.com offer a ready to install external antenna and 4G router solution, for more information click here

WIFI for static caravans Antenna
WIFI for static caravans Antenna

WiFi 4G service Provider

As with your mobile phone a service provider is required to provide you with a connection.

And as with your mobile phone there are two options, You can go Pay As You Go, or you can have a contract.

As you are only going to be using the service for data and not calls or texts you will want a package that is Data heavy. By this we mean the more data you get for your money the better.

Service providers will entice you with contract deals that offer you high amounts of data but we have found pay as you go deals that are just as competitive.

The added bonus of pay as you go deals are that if you are anything like us, you wont spend the whole year in your caravan. With that in mind you wont want to get stuck paying for a 12 month contract you wont be using half the year.

If you are intending to use your WiFi for static caravans to Stream TV such as Netflix, Amazon Prime video or Sky. You are going to want a lot of data at a good price.

For this we recommend GiffGaff as They provide contract type deals on a none contract pay as you go basis. This includes Always on WiFi for £25. This lasts 1 month from purchase. Once a month passes you can choose to top up more or not.

GiffGaff runs on the O2 network so has great coverage across the UK. To order a Free sim or find out more click here


Sim only Contract

For those of us who use our static caravans all year round, we would strongly recommend the EE network. EE offers great value for money on its SIM only Contracts.

Deals are available such as £20 for £160GB of Data. in comparison to a Pay As You Go deal this is around double the data for the same price.

In addition to EE’s great value we have found them to provide the best 4G coverage across the UK. During our many hundreds of signal checks for our customers this has proven to be their best option. For more information on EE Data only contracts please click here

15 thoughts on “WiFi for static caravans

  1. We have a static caravan which we use all year Our phones are on 02 network and we have a large data package on contract but we have little or no internet and our tv signal is poor and we get very few channels so we need internet for our tv the site doesn’t give us any access to their internet what do suggest

    1. Hi sue. Send us a signal request via our contact form. Include the post code location. With this we can provide guidance on a suitable solution

  2. Will it run a firestick

    1. Yes. As long as you have good signal strength

    2. Yes it will work perfectly

  3. My static caravan is on a site that has its own Wifi but my caravan is at the edge of the site and has a very poor signal inside the caravan. Outside the caravan the reception is ok. What sort of external antenna would i need to bring the external signal strength to the inside of the caravan ?

    1. Our 4G antennas operate over the same few quenches so can also repeat wifi as you suggest. However it’s not quite this simple. You also need a device capable of repeating the signal. Our touring caravan exerternal antenna kit Is capable of this.

  4. Can you use sky glass

    1. Yes but we would strongly recomend the external antenna kit for this.

  5. can you use an Ethernet Cable in it?

    1. Yes our static caravan kit have ethernet ports

  6. Can you run a lap top or tablet

    1. HI
      Yes all kits on our site will work with any PC, Laptop, tablet, phone, Smart tv and more

  7. Am I able to run a smart TV of these routers

    1. Hi Maureen Yes They will run a smart tv perfectly

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