Caravan and Camper WIFI Guide

Caravan & Camper WIFI Guides

You can find all the information and guidance on how to get your Caravan connected to broadband internet in our Caravan & Camper WIFI Guides.

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2 thoughts on “Caravan & Camper WIFI Guides

  1. Hi I bought a 5g Internet system from you thats works great no issues but I waz wondering if it can drop 2.4 ghz as I have a lazy spa that I’ve been trying to connect too but having trouble with as it says you need 2.4 ghz as the camera system
    Would be grateful if you had information on this as I no dual band routers have both 5 ghz& 2.4ghz

    1. Hi yes, you can login to the router using its IP address and change it to 2.4ghz only. Be advised that this will reduce you speed for all other devices which are capable or running on 5Ghz. if you require further guidance on this please email using our contact form

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