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Do I have to sign up to a contract?

We set your WiFi up on a PAY AS YOU GO network “GIFF GAFF” as standard. This means you are not contracted to pay any money on a regular basis. You topup as and when you like. We find this to be perfect for caravan owners as most don’t stay at their caravans all year round.

Will it work at my location?

This is always good to check. Simply contact us using our contact form. Let us know your caravans postcode and we will run checks. We will get back to you with details of the best solutions for your caravans location

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What if it doesn’t work, Can I get a refund?

If it doesn’t work or you are not happy you are entitled to a refund. Just return the item within 28 days in its original packaging and once we have received, we will process the refund. Any data used will be deducted.

How Much will it cost me to Top-up my Data?

We Suggest purchasing what GIFF GAFF call “Goodybags”. These allow you to buy bundles of data based on what you expect to use. The maximum you can spend per month is £35 as this gains you unlimited data. Our customers average between £20 and £30 a month when in full attendance of their caravans.

Which product is best for me?

70% of the time this will be our standard product, however sometimes you may require our external antenna kits to ensure you receive a strong enough signal to receive broadband speeds reliably. If unsure always contact us and we will run signal checks and propose the best product for your location. Let us know your caravans postcode location in the contact message to speed things up.

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Will it be faster and more reliable than my on site WiFi

We regularly provide kits for customers with poor onsite WiFi. Having your own setup like the kits we provide will almost always increase your speed and reliability above that of using your on site WiFi. Better still, If you are not happy just return for a full refund.

14 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. Hi if I was to purchase the standard kit and discovered that the signal wasn’t strong enough could I then buy the external antenna to connect to existing kit.

    1. Yes. You can contact us and we can provide a code to purchase the antenna kit minus the router..

  2. Is the basic plug and play option for £140 locked to giffgaff or can any data sim work?
    I don’t understand the differences between your different products – please explain.
    Do you have a 5G device?

    1. Hi. Our kits are open to all networks. Our plug and play kits are as described. Plug in and that’s it you are good to go.

  3. I am searching on your site for info about data only or data plus calls although am happy to use WhatsApp to call, also use in Europe please

    1. Almost modern smart phones can call through WiFi connection or as you suggest you can use WhatsApp, messenger etc.. in addition some of our kits allow you to plug in standard landline phones and use as you would a normal phone.

  4. Can I use this to connect to site Wi-Fi without the sim?

    1. Hi
      Our touring caravan kit will connect to on site wifi if you have the login details.

  5. What do these systems run on power wise 12v or 230v ?

    1. Hi. Our touring and motorhome kits can run on both 240 and 12v. Our static kits run on 240v

  6. what are the delivery times on the plug and play kit for static caravan

    1. We average 4 working days to your door. We Utilize Royal mail as a courier so please keep this in mind with current strike actions.

  7. I would like a kit.
    I am expecting a device to fit on the roof. A router and a SIM card and unlimited data for about €20 per month
    No bits of wire. Only a power wire for router.
    How is rhe aerial part powerred? Is it like a TV aerial with no power or is it charged by wi fi.

    1. Hi
      The antenna works exactly like a TV antenna, although it transmits as well as receives. It does not have a power supply but two cables as it is dual band from the antenna to the router.

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