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How to Improve your Caravans WIFI

we have literally hundreds of caravan owners reach out to us asking for help with their poor caravan WIFI. 

As we all know WIFI and internet connectivity is an absolute must in this world we now live in.  As such if you have slow or unreliable caravan WIFI it has become a major issue. 

If you have read our other posts and information you will know that we currently push 4G broadband as being the best possible solution on the market for those of us not blessed with a BT landline. If you would like to read more about this I have left links at the end of this post.

4G caravan broadband utilizes 4G cellular data transmission. This is the very same technology as used by your mobile phone.

This begs the really big question, and one we always seem to be asked. that is…

I have poor Phone signal in my caravan, will this work for me?

So the quick answer is…

In nearly all cases YES! but there’s only one way to find out for sure.

The best way to ensure that 4G Caravan WIFI will work for you is to run signal checks. 

How do you run signal checks? 

It’s easy – reach out to us via our contact form and we will do it for you.

How does caravan 4G WIFI work?

Our caravan WIFI routers work like a hybrid between a mobile phone and your standard home router.

As far as everything connecting to your caravan WIFI is concerned, it’s just the same as at home, however instead of a landline plugging  into the router, you insert a sim just like your mobile phone.

OK it’s a little more complicated than this… But here at Caravan Things we do the more difficult technical bit for you. You just plug in and you are ready to go.

So why do our Caravan WIFI solutions work if your mobile phone doesn’t?

Our routers have far more sensitive antennas than that of your mobile phone. For starters the internal antennas alone are probably 100x’s the size of your mobile phones.

This makes a hell of a difference to signal strength and is a major player as to why our routers out perform your smart phones.

Our caravan WIFI solutions are compatible with all devices

A lot of our visitors reach out to us and ask us if our Caravan WIFI kits are compatible with their wireless devices.

The answer we give is simple. YES. Our caravan WIFI kits work just like a standard home WIFI system. Smart  tv’s, WEB chat, Tablet’s, PC’s, laptops, Netflix, Amazon prime, smart speakers, games consoles…. All of these and more will all work with our Caravan WIFI kits.

Caravan wifi compatibility

Why is your caravan WIFI signal poor?

There are many issues that can affect your caravan WIFI signal strength. 

From our experience the main four reasons your Caravan WIFI signal is poor are…

1: You are in a rural area which has poor Cell tower coverage (increasingly rare)

2: Caravans tend to be positioned in close proximity to one another. This removes line of site to the nearest cellular mast, hence reduced signal strength. (very common)

3: Caravan construction and design. Caravans can contain a lot of metal in their design. this makes it’s difficult for signal to enter your caravan  (strong outdoors, poor indoors)

4: Local interference: This can be caused by other caravans WIFI devices, your own electrical devices and site WIFI systems

Poor Signal caravan WIFI

How can you improve your caravan WIFI signal

If we run signal checks and it turns out your have poor signal what can you do about it. 

DONT GIVE UP! The solution is usually quite simple.

Our external antenna kits can almost always resolve your poor caravan signal woes

External antenna kits allow you to capture signal that would usually bypass or bounce right off your caravan. they are a little bit more expensive but in reality are one of the best investments you could ever make. They increase the speed and reliability of your signal significantly, In fact they are so affective that many of our customers choose our external antenna solutions even if their caravan has strong signal.


antenna boosting caravan signal strength

How does our caravan WIFI external antenna kit work

Our external antenna’s are affective in 3 ways.

External mounting: The antenna is mounted externally. This means it picks up signal that would usually bounce right of your caravan. Instead it captures this signal and transmits it through cable directly into the back of your caravan router.

Mounting the router externally also means you can mount it on a mast. This allows you to mount it high, just like your tv antenna. this gives better line of sight to the mast, hence better signal.

Antenna size: External antennas are much bigger and hence more sensitive,. This means they can boost signal more efficiently (Known as gain)

Antenna direction: External antennas  can be pointed towards the nearest mast. this makes them more efficient, and reduces the impact of interference from local sources. caravan things provides information on where to point the antenna with all our external antenna kits.

How caravan extenal 4g antennas work

Interested in purchasing one of our caravan WIFI kits?

If you like what your hear and want to know more. checkout our kits in our online store. You can find more information and guidance.

Always reach out if you need more guidance. we are happy to help. use our contact form or live chat.



2 thoughts on “How to Improve your Caravans WIFI

  1. I am interested in your best static van option (£390) but why so expensive ? The same router is included in the cheaper kit (Tendo 1200 ) more than half the price.Is the antenna real that much better ?

    1. Hi
      Yes unfortunately high quality antennas such as the ones we use Don’t come cheap.
      In addition this price also include a full signal survey at the location of your choice. We provide location of the transmitting masts and the direction to point your antenna for the best signal. Please also note that the kit includes the mast, cable, entry glands etc…

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