Work from Home in your caravan

Work from home in your caravan

Want to work from home in your caravan but you don’t have reliable internet?

We have been approached by countless caravan owners wanting to work from home but they dont have reliable internet.

There are usually two main reasons for poor internet connection

  1. You try to use your mobile phone as a WIFI hotspot, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Or it is just not quick enough.
  2. You have onsite WiFi but the signal is poor, drops out regularly and the speed is slow.

Let us explain these issues for you and describe what can be done to resolve them

Using a Mobile phone WiFi hotspot to work from your home in your caravan

Although the feature offered by mobile phones to provide a WiFi hotspot is a great help on occasion, your mobile phone has not been designed to sustain such data connections reliably for extended periods of times. The problems are as follows.

  1. The antenna in your phone is small and relies on very good signal strength to perform adequately.
  2. The data transmission rates from your phones WiFi Hotspot are nowhere near that of a true router.
  3. Sustained usage will lead to the phones temperature increasing. Your phone will reduce performance in order to combat this.

If you are trying to work from your caravan or home and are experiencing poor reliability and performance issues through your mobile phones data connection, don’t worry there is an alternative available to you that utilizes the same technology as your phone, is just as affordable and is specifically designed for sustaining a quality internet connection without the need for a telephone line. Click here find out how.

You have Caravan Park onsite WiFi but it has poor signal and slow speeds

The next big issue we are regularly contacted about with caravan owners asking for help is onsite WiFi.

Many caravan owners utilize on site WiFi for their internet connection. On most occasions this will be adequate, however when used in anger for things like working from home, Streaming TV or gaming online, it will not be able to provide adequate speeds or reliability.

Why is your Caravan on site Wifi connection so poor?

Although for general internet usage such as browsing news sites your parks WiFi connection should be adequate, when we get into utilizing it for more testing requirements such as to work from home in your caravan or streaming TV, it will not provide the speeds required and worse still the signal will continually drop out.

Caravan park Wifi works by providing access to its main baroadband connection via multiple wifi terminals.

There are two major issues with this

  1. Every caravan in the park is sharing the same data connection. Think of this as sharing a cake. the more people that require a slice of the cake, the smaller the slice of cake will be for each individual. Instead of cake this is the data speed and bandwidth you can expect to receive on site. The park could indeed increase your speed by purchasing more connections of its own to share, however this is extremely expensive and sometimes impossible.
  2. Interference on your site. Interference can be caused by obstacles but mainly other electrical devices. Anyone using such devices on your site which is within proximity of the Wifi antennas on your site can cause interference. This can cause your WiFi to drop out which can be extremely frustrating.

What can you do about poor onsite WiFi?

The only answer is to have your own internet connection that no one else on site can share. If you do not have a phone line then the best and most affordable way to do this is via 4g Caravan internet. For more info on 4G caravan internet click here.

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