Static Caravan WIFI Kit & Antenna


Static Caravan WIFI including High gain external Antenna for Poor signal areas of the UK and Europe. Connect to the internet, stream TV, Web Cam Chat and much more. All from the comfort of your Static Caravan.


Static Caravan WIFI Kit & Antenna. Improve the speed and reliability of your Broadband internet connection

We have put this package together for  caravan owners who require broadband internet for their caravan but don’t have a BT phone line and your mobile signal is weak or  unreliable.

Fitting this kit will also increase the speed of your internet

Static Caravan WIFI easy Installation

Your should find it easy to install our static caravan WIFI kit if you have a little DIY know how or your local handyman.  An easy to follow Caravan installation guide is provided with the package.

Our kit is pre-assembled and the router is pre-setup by us to ensure the easiest possible install.

We will conduct an online survey to instruct you which direction you should point the antenna for the best possible signal.

On purchase we will email you requesting the location of your caravan.

from this we will conduct a survey and determine the direction the antenna should point and the expected signal strength.

Caravan WIFI Router

Caravan broadband internet for poor signal areas is sometimes made worse by poor equipment.

A poor mobile phone signal does not necessarily mean you cant receive a signal.  A good 4G router like the one included in this pack has far better sensitivity than that found on a mobile phone or a small dongle type WIFI hotspot.

Our Static Caravan WIFI Kit & Antenna includes a 4g router, compatible with high gain external antennas. This router provides high speed internet without the requirement for a phone line or a fixed contract. caravan-things pre-loads the 4G router with a GiffGaff pay as you go sim card and 1 months unlimited data  but this can easily be replaced with any network Sim you like.

4G external antenna and mast for caravans

The static caravan WIFI kit includes a 35db high gain 4G antenna pre-mounted on a L shaped aerial mast. This will dramatically boost the likelihood of receiving a 4g signal in less populated areas of the UK (and EU). The antenna  is specifically designed for external installation.

You can fit to an exiting TV antenna mast. Try to Ensure you do not block line of site of the Antenna.

Tools required to install the Kit are:

Power drill, a Philips head screw driver and silicone sealant.

Please note that we will conduct a local survey of your area on purchase. If we believe there is no possibility for a signal we will refund you in full and provide you information on alternative solutions.

Static Caravan WIFI Kit Includes:

  1. 4G Broadband router + Setup (will work straight out of the box)
  2. High gain 4G external directional antenna
  3. 5 Meter’s 5oOhm low loss Coax SMA cable
  4. Antenna mast
  5. Double cable entry gland
  6. Installation instructions – specific to caravans
  7. Giffgaff setup including £20 (80GB) data


If you already have a strong  phone data signal and would like more information on solutions suitable to you click here.



If you have strong signal the installation of this kit will still increase your download and upload speed further.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 15 cm