Motorhome WiFi kit


Choose between the standard Black or white Antenna, Or upgrade the MIMO Antenna


Motorhome Wifi kit

The best motorhome and campervan broadband kit on the market.

Our Motorhome WiFi kit is suitable for motorhomes, campervans, HGV’s and boats. Our brand new Caravan Things holster and connection kit is unique on the market, offering extremely easy setup and an attractive and professional solution using only high quality components.

Our router has its own internal battery allowing for 12hrs of use off grid. Utilizing a standard micro USB for charging and power. You can even detach the router and take it with you on trips away from your motorhome.

The kit allows for the external mounting of the antenna. This allows for far greater signal strength, meaning higher reliability and faster WiFi speeds.

This kit will boost your signal strength in weak signal areas. Utilizing 4G technology. This is the same signal used by mobile phones but with the much more powerful externally mounted antenna and the made for purpose 4G router, you will boost signal strength and speed significantly. For more information on 4G internet for motorhomes click here

Included in kit:

1.Wifi router with Mimo external antenna ports and internal battery.

2. Caravan Things 4G router holster and connection kit. Includes flexible mount and suction mount system, 12v power supply, Micro USB power cable.

3. High gain 4G/5G ready LTE antenna. Roof mount, post mount and magnetic mount packs included.

4. 12V plug and lead + standard 240v phone charging power cable

5. Setup on Giffgaff with £15 credit with our PLUG and PLAY option

This kit is simple to install with a number of mounting options included,

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 20 cm