LITE Touring Caravan WIFI kit & Roof Mount Antenna


4G Touring caravan WIFI including puck antenna. Connect to the internet, Stream TV, web cam chat an more all from the comfort of your caravan.

Touring Caravan WIFI kit  with puck antenna includes

4G Industrial grade router, 4G MIMO External puck Antenna, Weatherproof external plug and entry gland, 2 x 8M 4G compatible coax cables with SMA connectors

12 volt plug, 240v plug, Installation instructions

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Touring Caravan Kit LITE with Roof mount Poynting Puck Antenna. A Budget friendly alternative to our standard Touring caravan WIFI kit. The router/Modem is slightly lower specification than our Standard kit. The Antenna is a high end Poynting Puck antenna. It can be permanently mounted on your caravans roof or temporary mounted with suction cups or its magnetic base options (all included in kit)

Touring Caravan WIFI kit LITE With Puck Antenna. Improve your connection in poor signal areas whilst also increasing  speed and reliability of your Broadband internet connection.

This kit is ideal for Touring  caravan owners who require Touring Caravan WIFI in poor signal areas.

A poor mobile phone signal does not necessarily mean you cant receive a 4G caravan WIFI signal.  A good 4G router like the one included in this pack has far better sensitivity than that found on a mobile phone. This kit couples our Touring Caravan Router with a 4G omni direction external antenna to give you the best possible chance of receiving a reliable broadband connection in any location.

For more information on Caravan WIFI CLICK HERE

Touring Caravan WIFI installation

This kit requires minimal install, with only the entry gland requiring any DIY skills. This simply requires the drilling of one 10mm hole (or use of existing). We recommend locating this inside your front hatch. in many cases the entry point will already exist for the use on front hitch pole mounted TV antennas.

The equipment is pre-assembled and the router is pre-setup by us to ensure the easiest possible install for you.

Tools required to install the Kit are:

Power drill  & 10mm drill bit

Caravan 4G Router

Professional grade 4G router. capable of 300Mbs, includes internal WIFI antennas that ensures strong signal throughout your caravan.

Will work with 240v and 12v supply. The kit comes with a UK 240v plug and a Cigarette lighter 12v socket as used in all  Touring caravans motorhomes and camper vans.

Touring Caravan WIFI Antenna

The pack includes a high gain omni directional 4G antenna. This will dramatically boost the likelihood of receiving a 4G signal whilst also boosting speed and reliability of your connection.

The antenna includes suction cups which allow you to quickly mount an unmount the antenna on any flat surface. The antenna can also be pole mounted. This is ideal if you you have a hitch mast for your TV antenna. The Wi-Fi antenna can be installed on the same mast as your existing TV antenna.

Touring Caravan WIFI kit includes

  1. Professional 4G Broadband router and mounting kit.

  2. Professional grade High gain 4G external omni directional Puck Antenna

  3. Weatherproof external plug and entry gland.

  4. 2 x 8M 4G compatible coax cable with SMA connectors

  5. 12 volt plug

  6. 240v plug

  7. Installation instructions

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 15 cm